Stringed Instrument Repairs

String Repairs

We have an in-house technician who works on both fretted (guitars, ukuleles, banjo, etc.) and orchestral (violin, viola, cello) string instruments.

Fretted Instruments

Pricing for replacing all strings of an instrument can be seen below. Prices do not include tax or the cost of strings.

Please call or stop in for pricing on set-ups and structural repairs.

  Type of Instrument Cost (not including cost of strings)  
  Most solid body electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and ukuleles $15  
  Classical and 12-string guitars, mandolins, banjos $20  
  Floyd Rose electric guitars $25  

Orchestral Strings

  Type of repair Price  
  Restring (cost of new strings not included) $15  
  Replace Bridge $35-45  
  Rehair Bow $65  
  Reglue Seams $25-up  
  Repair Crack $25-$200