Brass and Woodwind Repairs

Brass and Woodwind Repairs

There is no need to send your instrument anywhere for repairs! We have a highly qualified, in-house repair technician who works on all band instruments. Just drop off your instrument and we will call you when it has been repaired!

Pricing varies depending on the severity of repairs needed, as well as the age and type of the instrument. Please call or stop in for more specific prices.

As parts from brand to brand differ, we are only able to service certain brands of instruments. Please see the list of serviceable brands below for reference. Any instrument that is not listed below is only serviceable upon the technician's approval.

Serviceable Brands

  King Conn Olds Buescher  
  Yamaha Jupiter Selmer LeBlanc  
  Bundy Vito Bach Buffet  
  Holton Getzen Gemeinhardt Armstrong  
  Blessing Benge Schilke Meinl Weston  
    Fox Renard