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We are a full-service, community music store. From high-quality musical instruments, lessons,
instrument rentals and in-house repairs, Pfabe's Music helps you make your own music!

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Location: 1484 Mentor Avenue, Painesville OH, 44077



Music FunTime

New!!  Pre-school Group Music Classes!

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Music FunTime is an innovative and proven early childhood curriculum, for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children ages 3 to 7 years. Our program is based on Johns-Hopkins Research that children 7 and under can learn to read music notation and symbols, play instruments, while fostering their ability to grasp math and science as they develop.

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Pfabe's Music has earned recognition for 75 years of service by NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants.  Click below to see the presentation of the Milestone Award:

Pfabe's Music Milestone Award


Pfabe's Music is your Band & Orchestra Instrument Headquarters!

We have new and used instruments for sale or for rent.

Not sure what instrument is the best fit for your student?  We can help!  Schedule an appointment to play-test beginning band and orchestra instruments right in the store!  Our staff can assist your student musician and provide valuable advice to parents to get started in music. 

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Pfabe's Music is proud to announce that we are the area's newest dealer in Paul Reed Smith SE line of guitars and Paul Reed Smith accessories!

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Pfabe's instruments are S.O.L.I.D.


Serviceable Brands

Most repair technicians, including our in-store repair tech here at Pfabe's, will refuse to service and repair off brand instruments. They are not finely tuned to the specifications needed to function in a normal way. They are made with cheap materials that repair technicians can rarely work with and finding replacement parts for them is impossible. The workmanship on these instruments is very poor.


Obvious Quality Difference

As far as playability is concerned, getting an off brand instrument for a band class is the equivalent of wearing flip-flops to play basketball. You can play, but it's going to be difficult to succeed, you won't progress to a higher level of performance, and you will, in most cases, find it too frustrating to continue playing. Getting a brand that is known for its quality will help set your child up for success. Remember-you get what you pay for.


Long-Term Investment

Buying or renting-to-own a brand from us is a way to ensure that your instrument will last. Any of the brands we carry will take your student all the way through high school and beyond. These are brands that your children's children will be able to play someday. They stand the test of time! "Spend too much for quality and you may regret it for a day. Spend too little and you may regret it for years!"


In-Store Support

We offer in-store support through our Maintenance and Repair program and our helpful staff will always answer questions. If you have questions concerning your instrument, we are only a phone call away. If you buy an off brand instrument online, can you rely on their employees to help you? We also offer those renting from us the opportunity to switch to another instrument within the first year.


Director Recommended

Current band directors in the area, retire band directors with over fifty years of experience, and private lesson instructors are all in agreement: DON'T BUY AN OFF BRAND INSTRUMENT. It's difficult, and at times impossible, to help a student get better at an instrument if that instrument is what is hindering their progress.