Blue Juice Valve Oil (308V)
Blue Juice Valve Oil
Model# 308V

Blue Juice Valve Oil is a light, fast, refined petroleum product that's especially effective on close-tolerance...

List: C$9.17

Price: C$6.55

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Conn Trumpet Valve Guard -Black (542B)
Conn Trumpet Valve Guard -Black
Model# 542B

This leather guard velcro attaches securely around the trumpet valve casing to help protect the lacquer finish.

Price: C$14.43

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ConnTrumpet Lyre, Bent Stem (333)
ConnTrumpet Lyre, Bent Stem
Model# 333

Bent stem trumpet lyre fits most student trumpets.

List: C$9.78

Price: C$7.86

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DEG Dynasty Trumpet Clamp-On Lyre (A16-HC260)
DEG Dynasty Trumpet Clamp-On Lyre
Model# A16-HC260

Clip the DEG A16-HC260 trumpet lyre on the trumpet's bell to conveniently hold your music where you can see it....

Price: C$17.06

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Herco Trumpet Cleaner (Snake) (HE77)
Herco Trumpet Cleaner (Snake)
Model# HE77

Coiled flexible spring wire with stiff genuine nylon brushes on both ends. Vinyl Coated with a black vinyl protective...

List: C$11.50

Price: C$9.17

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HWP Brass Saver For Trumpet (UBST)
HWP Brass Saver For Trumpet
Model# UBST

The H.W. Brass Saver® set for Trumpet includes a pull-through brush for the leadpipe/slides and a double-ended...

List: C$34.06

Price: C$22.30

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LeBlanc Slid-Eze Slide And Cork Grease (3288)
LeBlanc Slid-Eze Slide And Cork Grease
Model# 3288

LeBlanc Slid-Eze Slide and Cork Grease will not dry out, gum, or harden. The grease provides lasting protection against...

Price: C$3.61

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Pfabe's Trumpet Care Kit (trumpetkit)
Pfabe's Trumpet Care Kit
Model# trumpetkit

Trumpet Kit Includes: *Valve Oil *Tuning Slide Grease *Mouthpiece Brush *Lacquer Finish Treated Polish...

Price: C$13.13

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Pfabe's Water Bottle (WATERBOTTLE)
Pfabe's Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with the Pfabe's Water Bottle! Amazing Pop-Top cap! Fits most bicycle water bottle holders too!

Price: C$5.18

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Pfabes Laquer Finish Treated Polish Cloth (POLISHCLOTH)
Pfabes Laquer Finish Treated Polish Cloth

Treated polish cloth for laquered instrument finishes.

Price: C$5.91

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Trophy Flip Folder Windows (pages) (588w)
Trophy Flip Folder Windows (pages)
Model# 588w

Fits all standard flip folders.

Price: C$0.66

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Trophy Marching Flip Folder (tr9400)
Trophy Marching Flip Folder
Model# tr9400

Mounts securely to most lyres. Five pages included.

Price: C$6.56

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USED Trumpet (Rent-To-Own)

Rate: $28-New/$24-UsedTrumpets from Bach, King and Jupiter. Both used and new instruments are available. Many customers...

Rental: C$31.50

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