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Trombone Care Kit (TROMBONEKIT)
Trombone Care Kit

A $15.40 value! Now includes a nametag for your case! Includes: Slide oil Tuning Slide grease Mouthpiece cleaning...

List: 14.42

Price: 10.77

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Cleaning cloth - Lacquer Finishes (2952)
Cleaning cloth - Lacquer Finishes
Model# 2952

Lacquered Finish Plating Cloth - Specifically treated, lint-free, non-greasy, non-abrasive cloth leaves an invisible coating...

Price: 4.92

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Folding Music Stand (677523014007)
Folding Music Stand
Model# 677523014007

Folding music stand - black

List: 17.84

Price: 14.05

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"SlicKit" Slide Cream (SSSK)
"SlicKit" Slide Cream
Model# SSSK

SlicKit for Trombone Slides - includes slide cream, spray bottle and "Plus" slide treatment. A small amount of...

Price: 6.55

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Trombone Cleaner "Snake" (HE78)
Trombone Cleaner "Snake"
Model# HE78

Flex-Brush Trombone Cleaner- vinyl coated. For cleaning the inside of the slides and tubing.

Price: 9.36

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Essential Elements for Trombone, Bk. 1 (HL00862577)
Essential Elements for Trombone, Bk. 1
Model# HL00862577

Essential Elements - Comprehensive Band Method - Trombone Book 1

List: 12.17

Price: 10.29

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Luggage ID Tag (TAG)
Luggage ID Tag
Model# TAG

Luggage ID tag attaches to instrument case.

Price: 1.87

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